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Gas Stove Stainless Steel With Stand | Built-in Gas Stove Two Burner | Gas Stove 3 Burner
Gas Stove Stainless Steel With Stand | Built-in Gas Stove Two Burner | Gas Stove 3 Burner

JZ-SP13 Gas pie for single

Gas Stove/Desktop/Spare Parts

Product category: Gas Stove

Port: Foshan China

Production Capacity: 80000PCS

Package: One piece

Energy Efficiency Grade: One

Payment method: Telegraphic transfer, Western Union, UnionPay

Installation: Indoor Standard Installation

COOKERMORE is a professional manufacturer of Gas Stove/Spare parts. Through the international exhibition to develop markets in developed countries, well received.

Gas Stove Stainless Steel With Stand | Built-in Gas Stove Two Burner | Gas Stove 3 Burner

About Gas Stove Stainless Steel With Stand:

The gas stove is a kind of stove, mainly by supplying natural air to the gap between the stove body and the upper cover to supplement the lack of air during combustion, thereby promoting combustion and reducing the production of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

Features of Gas Stove:

1. Stainless steel structure

2. Ignition is lighter, each control has an ignition flame and flameout safety device

3. High efficiency and energy saving, easy to clean

4. The equipment is preset to natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas

Gas stove burning gas is more common in our lives, because these gas stoves are basically the most common place for home cooking, naturally there will be a lot of oily smoke, so if the gas burned by the gas stove is not clean, it will be clean, which may affect Follow up. In the usual cleaning process, we need to understand the relevant cleaning methods.

How to clean the gas stove:

1. Heating detergent water

Dishwashing liquid has a certain removal effect during normal cleaning. Remove all burners from the gas stove and soak them in hot dishwashing liquid to help. Clean the food or grease on the burner.

2. Make good use of rags

If the combustion air head itself is blocked, it is recommended that you use a rag to clean it. Wipe off the debris scattered on the surface of the stove with a rag. After wiping, it can be effectively cleaned.

3. Spray vinegar

Spray all vinegar and water cleaners on the gas stove. It takes about three minutes for the mixture of vinegar and water to fully react with the oil stains, as if the oil stains will become very stubborn. In this case, you can spray more detergent to extend the reaction time of vinegar and oil stains.


Gas Stove Stainless Steel With Stand

China COOKERMORE is a gas stove manufacturer, factory, and supplier. We focus on producing high-quality products with complete specifications. 

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