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Ignition Gas Stove Valve | Cast Iron Gas Stove Burner | Smart Gas Stove
Ignition Gas Stove Valve | Cast Iron Gas Stove Burner | Smart Gas Stove

JZ-SP02 120MM steel burner cap

Gas Stove/Desktop/Spare Parts

Product category: Gas Stove

Port: Foshan China

Production Capacity: 80000PCS

Package: One piece

Energy Efficiency Grade: One

Payment method: Telegraphic transfer, Western Union, UnionPay

Installation: Indoor Standard Installation

COOKERMORE is a professional manufacturer of Gas Stove/Spare parts. Through the international exhibition to develop markets in developed countries, well received.


Ignition Gas Stove Valve | Cast Iron Gas Stove Burner | Smart Gas Stove

About Smart Gas Stove:

Features of Gas Stove:

1. Adjustable thermal control

2. Built-in pressure sensitive safety device

3. Simple and safe automatic piezoelectric electronic ignition

4. Safety lock mechanism of gas tank

5. Removable cooking plate for easy cleaning

The working principle of gas stove:

The gas stove is a method of supplying natural air to the gap between the stove body and the upper cover to supplement the lack of air during combustion, thereby promoting combustion and reducing the production of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. The stove body is ring-shaped, with mixed gas injection ports on the inner upper circumferential surface; one end of the mixing pipe is connected to one side of the stove body, and the other end is provided with an air conditioning port. In the middle of the air conditioning port is a gas inlet pipe; in the middle under the stove body The air box is provided with a plurality of air injection ports that spray air blown upward by the blower; the blower that blows air through the motor and the first air box are connected by the input pipe; the upper cover is covered on the stove body, and the flame is in the middle In the spray area, the flame is sprayed upward through the flame spray area; at least three convex seats are arranged along the circumference above the stove body; the upper cover is placed on the convex seat; and the flame is generated between the upper cover and the convex seat The gap supplies natural air.


Smart Gas Stove

COOKERMORE is a leading China gas stove supplier, induction cooker manufacturer that focuses on China gas stoves, induction cookers. We will become your trusted partner with reliable product quality and excellent customer service.

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