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Natural Gas Water Heater | Gas Water Heater Outdoor | Thermocouple Gas Water Heater
Natural Gas Water Heater | Gas Water Heater Outdoor | Thermocouple Gas Water Heater

JSQ-PFB Forced type

Gas Water Heater/Forced Type

Product category: Gas Water Heater

Port: Foshan China

Production Capacity: 80000PCS

Package: One piece

Energy Efficiency Grade: One

Payment method: Telegraphic transfer, Western Union, UnionPay

Installation: Indoor Standard Installation

COOKERMORE is a professional manufacturer of Gas Water Heater/Forced Type. Through the international exhibition to develop markets in developed countries, well received.

Natural Gas Water Heater | Gas Water Heater Outdoor | Thermocouple Gas Water Heater

Capacity(L) Heatload(kW) Product Size(mm)  Carton Size(mm) N.W.(KG) G.W.(KG)  20GP/40HQ(PCS)
6 12 440X290X135 525x340x185 6.5 7.6 850/2060
 16  520X330X185 605x400x255   7.8  8.9  442/1080
10 20 585x330x185 705x420x255 10.3 11.8 380/910
 13  26 620x330x185   740x450x255  11.2  12.4  360/860
 16  32  650x420x180 770x510x250   13  14.6 285/690 
20   40  700x420x180  820x510x250  16.1   17.5  260/650



1.Forced exhaust instant gas water heater.

2.Low water pressure startup function,big flow rate

3.Tempered glass front panel and other color panel available 

4.Fully Water control automatic impulse ignition

5.Advanced combustion system with the Winter/summer switch to save energy; 

6.Over-pressure and water drainage anti-freezing protection; 

7.Flame-out protection; 

8.Anti-dry combustion protection; 

9.Over heating protection; 

10.Timer 20 minute built-in shutdown protection optional

11.Colorful LCD temperature display to know water temperature and working status.


Natural Gas Water Heater | Gas Water Heater Outdoor | Thermocouple Gas Water Heater





Components :

1.Exhaust pipe

2.Exhaust motor&fan


4.Ignition pin I

5.Gas adjusting valve

6.Solenoid valve

7.Pulse generator

8.Gas inlet

9.Hot water outlet

10.Exhaust gas collector

11.Air pressure switch

12.Heat exchanger


14.Sensor pin

15.Ignition pin II

16.Water adjustment valve

17.Micro-active switch

18.Release device

19.Water input

20.Winter/Summer switch

21.Back plate

22.Electric wire











Features :

1.Fashionable and concise design

2.Instant water flow with fan inside

3.Normal / low water pressure system optional

4.Automatic pulse ignition

5.Multi-safety devices

6.Easy conversion between summer-winter mode

7.Lcd / led temperature display optional


Product Description of Natural Gas Water Heater:

The 59T and 66T series controls are designed to meet the high electrical capacity requirements of Natural Gas Water Heater. Both use a temperature sensitive bimetal disc to deliver snap-action to the contacts. The speed and force of contact separation provides long-dependable control life at high electrical loads.

1.Welded construction, used on all internal current-carrying components for greater electrical integrity.

2.The 59T mounting tabs snap into the customer's bracket to mount the thermostat on the surface of the tank.

3.The trip free manual reset 66T limit control is available with non-adjustable calibrations from160°to 235°F (71° to 113°C).

Product information of Natural Gas Water Heater:

Highly Sensitive With Water Mark Approved

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves is suitable for Installing at the Natural Gas Water Heater, gas heater, electric water heater, water heater of fuel, heat pump water heater, sensitive function heater, etc. various kinds of heaters (such as the boiler) and hot water containers.


Natural Gas Water Heater

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