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Range Hood in Vietnam
Range Hood in Vietnam
Range Hood in Vietnam
Range Hood in Vietnam
Range Hood in Vietnam
Range Hood in Vietnam

F05-P1 Slim hood

Range Hood/Slim Hood

Product category: Range Hood

Port: Foshan China

Production Capacity: 80000PCS

Package: One piece

Energy Efficiency Grade: One

Payment method: Telegraphic transfer, Western Union, UnionPay

Installation: Indoor Standard Installation

COOKERMORE is a professional manufacturer of Range Hood/Slim Hood. Through the international exhibition to develop markets in developed countries, well received.

Range Hood in Vietnam - COOKERMORE


  Material   SS430 & tempered glass
  Airflow   450m³/h
  Powe   2x100W
  Light   2x1W LED
  Filter   2 pcs aluminum filter
  Switch   Push button
  Chimney Height   /
  Airflow   300m³/h 
  Switch   Touch button     Electronic button
  Filter   Baffle filter
  Charcoal filte   With/Without
  Carton dimensions   750x195x555mm(70CM)   950x195x555mm(90CM)
  Loading QTY(20GP/40HQ)   345 / 838(70CM)    272 / 660(90CM)


About Range Hood in Vietnam:


A Range Hood is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. Installed above the healthy and energy-saving Range Hood stove in the kitchen, it can quickly remove the waste in the stove and harmful oil fume generated during cooking, and discharge it outdoors, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have antivirus and antivirus effects. Explosion-proof safety guarantee.


Precautions for buying Range Hood:


1. The most important part of Range Hood is the motor that drives the wind wheel. At present, the quality of domestic motors can fully meet the design requirements of Range Hood. When buying, do not blindly believe in imports. Electric motors, leading to increased procurement costs.


2. Range Hood smokes all day long and is easily polluted by oil stains, which not only affects hygiene and aesthetics, but also affects the normal operation and service life of Range Hood to varying degrees. Therefore, it is very important whether the Range Hood is easy to clean or clean itself.


Range Hood in Vietnam


COOKERMORE is a leading China gas stove supplier, induction cooker manufacturer that focuses on China gas stove, induction cooker. We have our own production workshop and design team. If you cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices.


We solemnly promise to provide your products with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and the highest cost performance. The quality of our products has passed international certification and the price is affordable. Welcome to choose COOKERMORE.

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