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Custom Vietnam Range Hood
Custom Vietnam Range Hood
Custom Vietnam Range Hood
Custom Vietnam Range Hood
Custom Vietnam Range Hood
Custom Vietnam Range Hood

C03-P1 Curved glass

Range Hood/Curved Glass

Product category: Range Hood

Port: Foshan China

Production Capacity: 80000PCS

Package: One piece

Energy Efficiency Grade: One

Payment method: Telegraphic transfer, Western Union, UnionPay

Installation: Indoor Standard Installation

COOKERMORE is a professional manufacturer of Range Hood/Curved Glass. Through the international exhibition to develop markets in developed countries, well received.

Custom Vietnam Range Hood - COOKERMORE


  Material   SS430
  Airflow   760m³/h
  Powe   1x200W
  Light   2x1W LED
  Filter   2 pcs aluminum filter
  Switch   Push button
  Chimney Height   345mm
  Airflow   450m³/h     550m³/h    1000m³/h
  Switch   Touch button     Electronic button
  Filter   Baffle filter
  Charcoal filte   With/Without
  Carton dimensions   635x290x520mm(60CM)   935x290x520mm(90CM)
  Loading QTY(20GP/40HQ)   292 / 710(60CM)     199 / 482(90CM)


About Custom Vietnam Range Hood:


Benefits of Range Hood:


1. The healthy and pollution-free integrated stove uses the principle of micro-aerodynamics to suck exhaust gas from the side to produce a negative pressure zone, so that the oil fume will magically drop, and the oil fume will not enter the human face, eliminating the factors affecting health!


2. Ultra-high fume extraction rate The fume absorption rate in the integrated furnace is over 99%. The innovative application of the principle of micro-aerodynamics separates pollution sources from the external environment in two directions. Without affecting the sight of the operation and not passing through the breathing path of the human body, oil fume and steam can be effectively removed before diffusion, and no smell can be smelled when frying peppers, giving you a clean and tidy kitchen environment.


3. Really realize the low-noise integrated stove exhaust design, eliminate the noise source placed on the human head, adopt ultra-low noise technology and silent air duct design technology, and low noise.


4. Integrated innovative design. The integrated stove perfectly integrates functions such as Range Hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, crystallite stove, induction cooker, etc., a unique combination, high-efficiency oil fume absorption effect, to achieve the maximum use efficiency of various functions, fully automatic intelligence Control, and truly realize people's pursuit of green and environmentally friendly high-end kitchen appliances.


5. Save space resources to the utmost extent. The integrated furnace N in one adopts the lower row design, which saves the space above the traditional wall-mounted Range Hood. The environmentally friendly stove is integrated with the cabinets, and the installation and decoration are highly free, providing more space for the island-style open modern kitchen.


6. The green and environmental protection Range Hood adopts side suction and bottom row technology, and the smoke exhaust effect is more than 99.6%. When cooking, there is no smoke and no fumes will be emitted indoors, which is environmentally friendly.


Custom Vietnam Range Hood


COOKERMORE is a leading China gas stove supplier, induction cooker manufacturer that focuses on China gas stove, induction cooker. We have our own production workshop and design team. If you cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices.


Welcome to choose COOKERMORE. We believe that innovation leads to development, and we continue to create new products to meet the needs of more customers.

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