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Telescope Hood

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What Is The Telescope Hood Range Hood


Slim Hood  Range Hood is a new product that will help you save energy and money. It is a range hood that is made from plastic and it is very slim. This range hood is easy to install and it doesn't take up much space.


Slim Hood is a range hood that is made to be very slim and sleek. It comes in both black and white, and it has a very modern look to it. This range hood is perfect for those who have a small kitchen or bathroom, as it will not take up too much space. Additionally, this range hood is also very quiet, making it perfect for use in bedrooms or other areas where noise may be an issue.


The slim hood range hood is a great addition to any home because it is both stylish and efficient. The hood can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, making it easy to use. The hood also features a built-in fan that helps to circulate air in the room, and it can be controlled using a remote.



China Range Hood OEM, Range Hood

Advantages of Telescope Hood Range Hood


1. The Telescope Hood Range Hood filters grease and smoke from the air, keeping your kitchen cleaner.


2.It has a powerful motor that quickly removes smoke and odors, so your kitchen stays fresh.


3.The Telescope Hood Range Hood has an adjustable chimney to customize the height for your cooking needs.


4.The hood also has two LED lights to help you see what you're cooking.


5.The filters are dishwasher safe, making it easy to keep your range hood clean.



Range hoods are kitchen appliances that purify the kitchen environment. Installed above the healthy and energy-saving range hood stove in the kitchen, it can quickly remove the waste in the stove and harmful oil fume generated during cooking, and discharge it outdoors, reduce pollution, purify the air, and have anti-virus and anti-virus effects. Explosion-proof safety guarantee.


In addition to the main function of removing oily smoke, the range hood should also have many convenient auxiliary functions. These common auxiliary functions are:


China Range Hood OEM, Range Hood

Lighting function. Installing a set of lighting fixtures at the appropriate part of the range hood can not only effectively improve the lighting conditions when cooking under the range hood, but also the exquisitely designed and prominent lighting fixtures can also beautify the effect.


Automatic gas leakage alarm function. In order to effectively prevent the danger caused by leakage of indoor gas and liquefied gas, some range hoods are equipped with "gas leakage automatic alarm device". Once the indoor gas cooker leaks, the range hood will emit Warning signals such as sound and light remind users to take precautionary measures in time and automatically start the fan to quickly exhaust combustible gas outdoors to ensure the safety of indoor personnel and rooms.


Two-way ventilation function. This function can not only exhaust the oily fume and exhaust gas outside when cooking, but also can input a large amount of fresh air into the room when it is necessary to strengthen the indoor air convection, which is a dual-purpose machine.


Oil filtering function. Many range hoods are equipped with metal filter or filter paper and other filtering equipment at the entrance of the smoke exhaust port, so that the smoke can be purified to a certain level before being discharged outdoors, which can reduce outdoor pollution and benefit the environment Protect. However, when using this type of range hood, care should be taken to clean the metal filter or replace the filter paper in time to maintain the normal use of the range hood. Otherwise, the oil filter or filter paper clogged by the condensate will affect the effect of the oil smoke discharge. 


China Range Hood OEM


COOKERMORE is a leading China gas stove supplier, induction cooker manufacturer that focuses on China gas stoves, induction cookers. We solemnly promise to provide your products with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and the highest cost performance.

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