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China Gas Hob factory - COOKERMORE

China COOKERMORE is one of the leading China Gas Hob factory and the supplier of gas water heater. Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome to choose China COOKERMORE.

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China Gas Hob factory

When the gas hob is working, the gas enters the stove from the intake pipe, and enters the stove head through the adjustment of the gas valve (adjusted by the user through the knob), and at the same time mixes a part of the air (this part of the air is called primary air), these mixed gases From the fire hole of the fire distributor, it is ignited by the ignition device to form a flame (the air required for combustion is called secondary air), and these flames are used to heat the cookware placed on the pot holder.

There are two ignition methods of gas hob: electronic pulse ignition and piezoelectric ceramic ignition. Consumers are generally familiar with electronic pulse ignition. Most of the ignition devices used in built-in stoves ignite when twisted to a certain position. It is very simple and convenient, and the ignition hit rate is high, usually 100%, but this method requires Change the battery.

Piezoelectric ceramic ignitions are mostly used in tabletop stoves, and the biggest advantage is that they do not require batteries. However, the success rate of ignition is related to the ambient humidity, and it is not easy to ignite when the humidity is high. In addition, you need to hold down the switch to start the ignition, which is not as fast as electronic pulse ignition.

Gas Hob factory

COOKERMORE is a leading China gas hob supplier, induction cooker manufacturer that focuses on China gas hobs, induction cookers.  Complete specifications and high quality. We are committed to treating customers with integrity and quality, thus winning a group of loyal customers.

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