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China gas hob manufacturer - COOKERMORE

COOKERMORE is the continuous supply of high-quality products from China gas hob manufacturer, factories and suppliers, coupled with our excellent pre-sales and after-sales services, to ensure a strong competitiveness in the increasingly globalized market.

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China gas hob manufacturer

Precautions for using gas hob:

1. Ignition steps

When igniting the gas hob, you must first adjust the button on the valve, and then unscrew it clockwise. Smell it before use to see if there is an unpleasant smell on it, so look at them. Is there a sound of water leaking? Wait until everything is normal, then fire again.

2. Hold down the switch and cannot release it

Press and hold the switch of the gas hob until it cannot be released, and then rotate it to the left. In this case, you may hear a sound, which is considered a successful ignition. If you don't hear these sounds, if you want to press and hold the switch again, you need to rotate it to the left until the final ignition is successful.

3. Avoid gas leakage

After using the gas hob, be sure to turn all the valves of the gas tank clockwise. When they cannot be tightened, it means that the valve is closed. Don't do this after the fire has gone out. It closed the door because the map was cheap. In this case, gas leakage may occur and cause major errors.

gas hob manufacturer

COOKERMORE is a leading China gas hob supplier, induction cooker manufacturer that focuses on China gas hobs, induction cookers.  We solemnly promise to provide your products with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and the highest cost performance.

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