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What should I pay attention to when using a gas stove

duhui 2022-01-12

About gas stove:


What should I pay attention to when using a gas stove?


Gas stove is the most common kitchen appliance in our daily life. If you want to cook, the whole gas stove will become very simple. When most people choose a gas stove, they may know and know about this product. Not too much, does the gas stove use electricity? Many people may be very concerned1. Does the gas stove need to be plugged in?

gas stove

Whether the gas stove needs to be plugged in during use depends on the type of gas stove. Some gas stoves have a gas stove on the stove head, and some gas stove stoves have an induction cooker. This kind of gas stove needs to be powered on. . When you buy a gas stove, you must know more about it. If it is a gas stove with a timing function or a temperature control function, it also needs a power supply. If it is an ordinary gas stove, it does not need to be plugged in.


2. What should I pay attention to when using gas stove?


When using a gas stove, be sure to check the actual situation of the gas stove. If you find that the gas stove has been turned off during use, you must turn them off immediately. When opening the doors and windows for ventilation, wait until there is no gas smell. It may lead to the cause of the flameout, it is best to solve it, and then use it again. If you don't use gas or check whether the gas stove is connected before going to bed, then close the main valve of the entire gas meter, so that you can open all the doors and windows of the kitchen and all the doors leading to the bathroom from the kitchen. close.


Does the gas stove use electricity? This matter is more important to many people. When we want to choose a gas stove, we can pay more attention to it. In fact, some gas stoves now use electricity, and some do not.



Where to buy gas stove


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