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What should I pay attention to when replacing the gas water heater

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas water heater:


What should I pay attention to when replacing the gas water heater?


Water heaters may be divided into many different types in our lives. Some are solar water heaters, some are gas water heaters, and some are natural gas water heaters. As more and more people pay attention to environmental protection nowadays, many people will turn their water heaters into natural gas water heaters. How to replace the gas water heater has become a matter of great concern to everyone.

gas water heater

1. Choose a suitable installation environment


At present, in the process of actual installation of natural gas water heaters, there should be flammable materials on both sides, at least 50 mm above the wall or ceiling with an insulation layer above 20 mm, or heat-resistant heat-resistant materials are required. Material exhaust pipes are basically all separated by Lingjian Pavilion, and do not install the water heater in a closed cabinet.


2. Do a good job in the reform of the water heater


During the restructuring of the gas water heater, basically the model of the gas water heater will change more or less, and the parts that need to be replaced during the restructuring are also different. If it is a restructuring between natural gas or liquefied gas, just replace it. The nozzle will do. The restructuring between artificial gas and natural gas and liquefied gas must be changed back and forth.


3. Understand the power requirements


All power plugs or sockets must be installed. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the plug with wet hands in a rain-proof place. In this case, only professional personnel can open the shell of the electric water heater. After opening it, you can ensure that the power is unplugged , It is forbidden to wet the socket with rainwater when using hot water, so as to ensure maximum safety.


How to replace the gas water heater? After doing the above work, then consider replacing it. When replacing it, choose a professional.


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