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What kind of Range Hood is easy to use

duhui 2021-12-14

About Range Hood :


What kind of Range Hood is easy to use?


What motors does Range Hood have? At present, Range Hood motors are divided into three types: semi-enclosed motors, fully enclosed motors and plastic-encapsulated motors.

Range Hood

Fully enclosed and plastic-sealed motors have advantages over semi-enclosed motors, because when Range Hood is in use, soot will enter the motor and cause certain damage to the motor. At this time, the fully enclosed motor and the plastic packaged motor will play a certain protective role.


At present, Range Hoods of many regular manufacturers use all-copper fully enclosed bearing double ball motors, which are currently the mainstream motors used by major brands. In addition, the attitude towards plastic-encapsulated motors has gradually attracted attention at home and abroad, because it has the advantages that metal-shell motors do not have, so it is more optimistic.


The Range Hood using plastic-encapsulated motors has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient assembly, and suitable for large-scale automated production. Low noise and low vibration. The motor has good insulation performance. In addition, Range Hood also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and high temperature resistance.


The main shortcomings of Range Hood using plastic-encapsulated motors are: the cost is too high; in addition, the production and application of plastic-encapsulated motors in my country is still in its infancy. The current problems that need to be solved are the plastic encapsulation of the stator core and the winding process, as well as the plastic encapsulation process coefficient. Determine and manufacture various special production equipment and molds.


Where to buy Range Hood


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