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What is the way to turn on the gas water heater

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas water heater:


What is the way to turn on the gas water heater?


As the most common product in our lives, gas water heater is basically needed by more people in real life. However, when we turn on the gas water heater, everyone may need to know what kind of product there is. proper method.

gas water heater

1. Install the gas water heater on the balcony


Generally speaking, the gas water heater must meet the installation conditions during the installation process. The bathroom is relatively closed, especially in winter. Most people like to take a bath with closed doors and windows. Once a gas leak occurs, carbon monoxide poisoning may occur in many cases. In addition, the humid environment is particularly prone to trigger some electric shock hazards, so when we choose to install gas water heaters, we must install them on the balcony.


1. Minimize the generation of pungent smells or sparks


When you want to turn on the gas water heater, you must avoid it, because the gas itself has no smell. In order to ensure the safety of the original gas, some other things are often added to it, like an odorant. There are some pungent smells during use, so once we smell this kind of smell, we should stop using it immediately, close the current gas valve, and open the windows for ventilation.


How to turn on the gas water heater? You can refer to some of the above standards when you usually turn on the gas water heater, because we can only make the gas water heater better when we have the correct way to turn it on. At the same time, we must pay attention to avoiding possible occurrences in our lives when installing it. Some of the hidden safety hazards, only in this way can the gas water heater be better used after the gas water heater is turned on.


Where to buy gas water heater


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