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What is the operation of igniting a gas stove

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas stove:


What is the operation of igniting a gas stove?


Gas stove is a relatively common product in our lives. Many people know that gas stove will become something that every household can use. When summer comes, the weather gets hotter and hotter. Most people basically turn on the air conditioner in their homes. The windows are closed, so if the gas stove is not used properly, it will cause greater safety hazards. How to ignite the gas stove, this matter must be paid attention to.

 gas stove

1. Steps to turn on the ignition


When igniting the gas stove, you must first adjust the buttons on the valve, and then unscrew them clockwise. Smell them before use to see if there is an unpleasant smell on them, so look at them. Is there a leaking sound? Wait until everything is normal, then fire again.


2. Hold down the switch and cannot release it


Press and hold the switch of the gas stove until you can't let go, and then rotate to the left. In this case, you may hear a sound, which is considered to be a successful ignition. If you don’t hear these sounds, If you want to press and hold the switch again, you need to rotate it to the left until the final ignition is successful.


3. Avoid gas leaks


After using the gas stove, be sure to turn all the valves of the gas tank in a clockwise direction. When they can’t be screwed, it means that the valves are closed. After the fire goes out, don’t do it. It closed a door because the map was cheap. In this case, a gas leak may occur and cause a big mistake.


How to light a gas stove? Lighting a gas stove is more important in our lives. You must read some of the above steps. It is very important to master the correct steps.


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