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What is the most common problem with gas water heater

duhui 2021-12-10

About gas water heater:


What is the most common problem with gas water heater?


The size of the gas water heater is small, and the heating speed is very fast in use. Many families choose to use the gas water heater. However, it is very common for some malfunctions to occur during the use of the gas water heater. In order to clarify these usage problems, what is the most common problem of gas water heater has become a situation that many people are concerned about.

gas water heater

1. Flame out occurs during use


When the gas water heater is used specifically, the occurrence of flame out problems during use is relatively high. If such a problem occurs, check whether the gas valve has been fully opened. Keep turning on and off the hot water and heating until the fire is complete, so that the actual situation is better.


2. Flame yellow with yellow smoke


In the process of understanding what is the most common problem with gas water heater, when it is used, the flame of gas water heater is yellow and yellow smoke appears. It is very important to check whether the burner is clogged. If it happens Blocking problems need to be dredged.


3. The flame is abnormal and smells


In the process of using the gas water heater, if the flame is abnormal and has a peculiar smell, it is possible that the specific ventilation is not performed. In addition, both the burner and the heat exchanger should be inspected, and whether there is a clogging problem should be actively understood.


After knowing what the most common problem of gas water heater is, we can find the cause of the problem based on the problem that occurred, and take appropriate treatment methods. In this way, the situation during the use of the gas water heater will be very good. From the use of gas water heater, it should be clear that if the fault problem cannot be solved by yourself, it is very necessary to find a professional repair center.


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