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What is the common way to clean a gas stove

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas stove:


What is the common way to clean a gas stove?


The gas stove is the easiest place to get dirty, because every time when cooking, it will leave a little dirt on the gas stove. So how to clean the gas stove in this case will actually be different in the minds of ordinary people. And when we use these gas stoves, we must take cleaning tips into consideration.

gas stove

1.  head cleaning


If you want to clean the gas stove, you must first pour an appropriate amount of detergent on the gas stove, and then fry a small piece of radish. Use this radish to replace the linen, so that you can spread the detergent evenly, and finally Wipe everything with a rag.


2. Potato skin cleaning


Clean the gas stove with the surface of the potato skin, and then wash it with warm water. Generally speaking, the gas stove cleaned by the potato skin is basically easy to remove dust, especially some dirt on it.


3. White vinegar cleaning


If you want to choose this method to clean the gas stove, you must pay attention, because white vinegar itself has a certain corrosive effect. The white vinegar should be mixed with 100ml of warm water, and then wipe the gas with a rag or sponge dipped in the mixed liquid. stove surface.


How to clean the gas stove better? When cleaning the gas stove, everyone has to learn some of the above methods. In fact, in addition to the above methods, we can also use baking soda to clean. Mix 500ml of hot water with 30g of baking soda, and then After picking it up with a linen cloth, you can gently wipe off the dirt on the surface. If the dirt on the surface of the gas stove is stubborn, you can directly press the baking soda into a powder, and then sprinkle it on the stove, so that you can wipe it with a rag .


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