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What aspects should be considered when choosing Range Hood

duhui 2021-12-14

About Range Hood :


What aspects should be considered when choosing a Range Hood?


1. Noise


Noise is an important indicator for choosing a Range Hood. The size of noise is closely related to Range Hood motor, wind wheel, shell structure, flue length, flue curve straight, smoke exhaust path, etc. It is the result of the comprehensive influence of these factors. Many products are exaggerated. In terms of noise, many brands of Range Hood are noisier than the advertised color pages.

Range Hood

2. Wind pressure


The greater the wind pressure value, the stronger the resistance to headwind of the range hood, that is, the stronger the resistance to the return of oil fume. If the wind pressure is high, even if your exhaust flue is in the upwind position, you can forcibly exhaust the oil smoke, but if the wind pressure is low, the oil smoke may be discharged very slowly. Therefore, the wind pressure is an important indicator for choosing a Range Hood.


3. Air volume


Air volume refers to the amount of air discharged from Range Hood per minute. Generally it can reach about 15 cubic meters per minute. The large air volume can make the Range Hood emit more oil fume per unit time, ensuring faster and timely smoking, and avoiding oil fume staying and spreading indoors. Therefore, the air volume is an important indicator to measure the smoke exhaust performance of the range hood.


4. Easy to clean


Range Hood's oil fume has to go through two oil fume separation processes before it can be discharged outdoors, the first time is separated by the oil net, and the second time is separated by the turbine throwing force. Therefore, all Range Hood and oil must pass through the turbine, and the turbine must be cleaned. This kind of non-disassembly and washing is just a gimmick, and it is currently impossible to achieve. So when we choose Range Hood, we naturally have to pay attention to the advertisements of some manufacturers and don't be deceived.


Where to buy Range Hood


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