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What are the Classifications of Gas Water Heaters

duhui 2022-09-14

What are the Classifications of Gas Water Heaters




The flue-type water heater is an improvement of the direct-exhaust water heater. An anti-backward exhaust hood and a smoke exhaust system are added to the upper part of the original direct-exhaust structure. Its working principle is: cold water enters the cold water inlet of the water heater, enters the heat exchanger after passing through the filter and the water-air linkage assembly, and the heated hot water is output from the hot water outlet. The gas enters the gas inlet of the water heater, and flows through the filter, gas regulator, solenoid valve, gas volume control valve, gas valve, gas collector, and gas nozzle in the water-gas linkage assembly to enter the burner.


Forced exhaust


The main reason for the safety accidents of gas water heaters is indoor air pollution. To avoid the poisoning accident of CO in the flue gas, the fundamental measure is to discharge the flue gas outdoors to keep the indoor air clean and hygienic. Forced exhaust water heaters use forced exhaust or forced blast to exhaust combustion flue gas outdoors. The flue type water heater uses the natural exhaust method to discharge the flue gas to the outdoors. Compared with the safety of use, it is better than the straight exhaust type water heater. However, flue-type water heaters have high requirements for flue installation conditions, which are difficult to meet in general urban apartment-style houses. The mandatory water heater has more perfect safety performance and is relatively easy to install. There are two typical structures of strong exhaust water heaters: exhaust type and blast type.


Forced supply and exhaust type (ie balanced type)


The safety performance of the strong discharge water heater has been greatly improved compared with the flue type water heater. However, there are still some weaknesses. First, the air required for combustion is still taken indoors. Second, the air volume of the water heater cannot be adjusted with the change of the heat load, so that the air volume under low load is too large, and the thermal efficiency of the use and maintenance of the water heater is low. The minimum load is also significantly higher.




The significance of developing high-efficiency and energy-saving civil burning appliances has been raised from simply saving expenditures for users to realizing the needs of sustainable development of the national economy. The main difference between the condensing gas water heater and the ordinary gas water heater is the difference in the heat exchanger. In order to fully absorb the heat of the high-temperature flue gas and facilitate the collection of condensed water, the condensing gas water heater generally adopts the secondary heat exchange method. According to the structural characteristics of the whole machine, a condensing heat exchanger can be installed above it, a sensible heat exchanger can be installed below it, and a condensed water collector can be installed between the two.





Gas water heater cleaning and maintenance


1. To use the gas water heater for cleaning and maintenance, you must read the product instruction manual, and use the water heater according to the usage instructions and the nameplate instructions, and perform preliminary and simple water heater maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, etc.;


2. The room must be well ventilated;


3. When the gas water heater has air leakage, water leakage, the flame does not go out after the water is stopped, and the combustion conditions are not good, it should stop using it, and promptly notify the gas management department or the manufacturer to repair it, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair it without permission;


4. Regularly invite professionals or manufacturers designated by the gas management department to clean and maintain the gas water heater, and make timely overhauls to keep the gas water heater clean and in good working condition; 5. Do not use expired water heater cleaning and maintenance agents, according to national standards It is stipulated that from the date of sale of gas water heaters, the service life for cleaning and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas water heaters is 15 years, and the service life for cleaning and maintenance of artificial gas water heaters is 10 years.


Will gas water heaters grow in popularity?


Yes, gas water heaters will continue to gain popularity. This is because they are more efficient and less expensive to run than electric water heaters. Many homeowners choose natural gas over electricity because of their lower operating costs. Also, gas water heaters tend to last longer than electric models.


Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time at home, which has led to an increase in the use of natural gas water heaters. Additionally, many homeowners are looking for ways to save on energy bills.


There are several factors that will affect the popularity of gas water heaters in the future. Natural gas prices are a major factor. If natural gas prices rise, the popularity of gas water heaters may decline. The efficiency of a gas water heater is another important factor. If electric water heaters become more efficient, they will be more popular than gas water heaters.


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