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Precautions when buying a range hood

duhui 2022-09-06

Precautions when buying a range hood


There are three types of range hoods on the market: thin type, deep type and cabinet type. When purchasing, you should first determine the type to be purchased according to the specific layout of your kitchen and personal preferences.


Thin range hood


The thin cooker hood is light in weight, small in size and easy to hang, but its thin design and low motor power make a considerable part of cooking fumes not included in the suction range and have the opportunity to escape indoors, and its smoke exhaust rate is significantly lower than The other two types of models. Therefore, most consumers do not consider this type when purchasing a range hood.


If your kitchen wall is thin (non-load-bearing wall), it cannot support the weight of the deep range hood, and due to the limitation of the kitchen layout, it is impossible to install the cabinet range hood, then the thin range hood is your ideal choice. .


Deep range hood


The deep-type range hood has a smooth and beautiful appearance, high smoke exhaust rate, and can be matched with different styles of modern kitchen furniture. It has become the first choice for consumers when purchasing range hoods, and occupies a dominant position in the market. Various manufacturers have launched different models of deep range hoods.


The deep cover of the deep range hood can draw cooking fumes in a wider range, and its deep body is easy to install a powerful motor, which greatly improves the smoking rate of the range hood.


Because the deep range hood is large and heavy, the kitchen wall is required to have a certain thickness when hanging, which can withstand the weight of the range hood itself and the pressure it generates during operation. Take this into consideration when purchasing.


Cabinet range hood


The cabinet type range hood is composed of a fume extraction cabinet and a special range hood. The fume hood is tapered. When the fan is turned on, a negative pressure area is formed in the cabinet, and the external air is supplemented to the inside. The opening in front of the fume extraction cabinet forms an air inlet. , oil fume and other exhaust gas cannot escape, ensuring the extraction rate of oil fume and nitrogen oxides.


Cabinet type range hoods have a high smoking rate and do not need to be hung. There is no drilling and installation problems, and there is no need to consider the bearing capacity of the kitchen wall. It should be said that at this point, the advantages of thin and deep range hoods are integrated. However, due to the limitation of the left and right baffles of the fume extractor, the operator is somewhat limited and inconvenient when cooking. Therefore, many consumers give up this option. In addition, its appearance is not delicate enough, and it is not easy to match with modern and fashionable kitchen furniture.


Where to buy Range Hood


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