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Often cooking at home, how to choose a range hood

duhui 2022-07-12

Often cooking at home, how to choose a range hood


If you often cook and cook at home, then a range hood is an indispensable kitchen appliance. Whether the cooker hood is easy to use or not is directly related to the chef's happiness in the kitchen and the deliciousness of the dishes. After all, no one wants to cook food in an environment full of soot, and the food made in a hurry is naturally not good.


If the oil fume diffuses into other rooms, it will make people feel depressed. Excessive inhalation of oil fume will also affect the health of the body. How to choose a good range hood? You can't just look at the brand and price, but also the three most important aspects of a range hood. As long as these performances are excellent, the purchased range hood will basically not be "pitted".

1. Appropriate air volume is the basis of a good range hood


The air volume refers to the exhaust speed of the range hood. For a range hood, the air volume is the most basic indicator. The larger the air volume, the better the exhaust effect, but the greater the corresponding noise.


When many people choose a household range hood, they blindly choose a range hood with a large air volume, and often buy products with an exhaust air volume of up to 30m/min. However, many of these products are used in the back kitchen of small hotels, and the noise and power consumption are very large. If you choose a range hood of 17-22m/min for home use, you can meet most people's requirements for smoke exhaust speed.


2. Wind pressure strength and air duct design that cannot be underestimated


If the range hood has the air volume, it must have a reasonable air pressure and air duct design, otherwise it can only suck in the smoke but not discharge it cleanly, or because the air duct design is unreasonable and the efficiency is low.


Generally speaking, under the same performance, the higher the wind pressure, the better. For high-floor households, it is recommended to choose a range hood with a wind pressure of not less than 300Pa. For low-floor households that are relatively close to the flue, choose a range hood with wind pressure. It should also not be lower than 240Pa.


In addition, the rationality of the air duct design also directly affects the exhaust efficiency. The resistance of the air duct of the traditional side-suction range hood is relatively large, but there are also some very good designs. For example, many types of range hoods creatively tilt the fan to 30° The stove, the air inlet, the volute outlet, and the air outlet are aligned at four points and one line, and the straight line smoking is naturally unimpeded. With the static wind pressure of up to 460pa, there is no pressure even if there is a lot of smoke.


3. Noise is pollution that cannot be ignored


The range hood itself eliminates oil fume pollution, but it will generate new noise pollution. The impact of noise on human health is no less than that of oil fume. Long-term noise will make people upset, even nauseated and dizzy. The noise generated by the range hood is naturally smaller. The better, if you want to talk to your family while cooking, the noise generated by the range hood should be at least lower than 60 decibels, and a range hood higher than 70 decibels is basically equivalent to shouting in a downtown area.



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