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How to repair Range Hood

duhui 2021-12-14

About Range Hood :


How to repair Range Hood?


The Range Hood has different models, but the structure and working principle are basically the same, so the maintenance methods are generally similar. The following describes the common faults and maintenance methods of Range Hood.

Range Hood

1. Press the function switch, Range Hood has no response.


This fault is caused by a different power source.


2. The automatic control of Range Hood fails, and the indicator light is off.


This fault is mostly caused by the lack of cleaning and maintenance of the Range Hood, and the surface of the gas sensor installed on the panel is stained with oil, causing the sensor to be blocked. Remove the gas sensor, put the mesh cover in the detergent, and clean it with a brush. If there is dirt on the surface of the gas sensor, it can be cleaned with absolute alcohol, put it back in place, and troubleshooting. If it doesn't work, you can increase the sensitivity by adjusting the sensitivity potentiometer in the automatic control circuit. If it still doesn't work, most of the Range Hood is damaged, just replace the Range Hood. After the above maintenance is invalid, the gas sensor is aging and invalid, replace with a new product, and eliminate the fault.


3. Press the key switch, the Range Hood motor will not rotate when it rotates.


This fault is mostly caused by the following reasons: First, the moving contact piece of the key switch is deformed, which separates the moving and static contacts. Clean the moving contact with detergent, and then use needle-nose pliers to clamp the root of the moving contact to correct it, restore elasticity, and make the moving and static contacts contact normally. The second is to loosen the wire through the motor connector screw, and the wire is in poor contact. Locate the loose screw and tighten it again. The third is that the motor terminals are loose. Locate the loose terminal and reconnect it. If necessary, solder with tin and wrap with insulating tape.


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