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How to judge whether a gas stove is safe or not

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas stove:


How to judge whether a gas stove is safe or not?


Gas stove can be regarded as the most important responsibility of open flame cooking in modern households. This safety performance is something that many people pay more attention to. Because there are many well-known brands, because of the accident of gas stove, it has been brought to court with consumer groups, so about Is the gas stove safe? This matter can indeed attract most people's attention. How to judge whether a gas stove is safe or not?

gas stove

1. Look at the flameout protection device of the gas stove


When the gas stove accident happened, it was because the flameout protection device of the gas stove was not particularly good. After the accidental flameout, the power supply was not cut off in time. In this case, the gas stove may leak. From the invisible to the safety accident buried a major hidden danger.


2. Look at the ignition accuracy of the gas stove


The ignition accuracy of the gas stove is also more important. Sometimes the gas stove can’t be successfully fired several times. The gas emitted from the ignition will accumulate in the air and reach a certain concentration. Once it encounters an electric spark. It is particularly prone to explosions, so you must check the ignition accuracy of the entire gas stove in normal times.


3. Look at the child lock protection device


Families with small children may cause serious consequences due to accidental ignition, but some gas stoves do have a child lock protection device.


To measure whether a gas stove is safe enough, you can use the safety function to design and judge in many aspects. Generally speaking, we should pay more attention when choosing a gas stove. We should consider these gas stove products and take a look. Do they have plasma flameout protection devices that can instantly sense and quickly close the valve in the event of an accidental flameout.


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