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How to drain the gas water heater

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas water heater:


How to drain the gas water heater?


After buying the gas water heater in the home, many people may not know how to drain the water. How to drain the gas water heater is more important in everyone's mind. If we want to drain, then it is recommended that everyone should be able to master reasonable steps.

gas water heater

1. Close the gas valve


Each brand of gas valve is different. Some gas valves are basically the yellow gas valve in the middle, because these gas water heaters have a total of three valves, the leftmost one is red, and the middle one is yellow. The one on the far right is green, so every brand of product will basically have such a valve setting during the production process, but it does not rule out that other brands are not like this. We must close the valve and turn to the left. 90 degrees will do. You can also switch their switches to the off state through the current intelligent products, and select the button in the middle.


2. Cut off the power


In the process of actual use of the gas water heater, you must also cut off the power supply. Never touch it with wet hands. To avoid accidental touching, you can turn the water inlet valve 90 degrees to the right, and then turn on the water outlet faucet. In this way, basically the water heater of the entire gas stove is drained.


How to drain the gas water heater? It is recommended that you learn more about this matter, because drainage is more important. If you do not master the drainage method, it will have an impact on yourself. If the home is a newly purchased product or a purchased product, and it has been used for less than a year and wants to drain, we can still consult the brand's professional after-sales service.


Where to buy gas water heater


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