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How to clean the gas water heater most comprehensively

duhui 2021-12-13

About gas water heater:


How to clean the gas water heater most comprehensively?


Many families may be considering upgrading when they buy gas water heaters. They have not thoroughly cleaned it once. In fact, gas water heaters that have not been cleaned for a long time may have relatively low efficiency and water quality. Getting worse. How to flush the gas water heater is something that most people pay more attention to.

gas water heater

1. Wipe and rinse frequently


Things like gas water heaters need to be wiped and rinsed frequently. In most cases, the installation location of gas water heaters may be easily exposed to dust in the kitchen, bathroom or balcony. These things will naturally stick after a long time. On the outer surface of the water heater, stubborn dirt is formed, which is difficult to clean off. Therefore, these dirt will affect the use of the original parts inside, so special treatment is required every once in a while.


2. Clean with a cloth regularly every week


In the actual cleaning process of the gas water heater, cleaning the surface of the shell is very simple. You can wipe it with a rag regularly every week. If there is oily smoke, you may need to wipe a little detergent with a rag. It can quickly remove oil stains on the surface. The advanced work of the gas water heater is also more important. Pay a little attention to the method of cleaning the outer wall of the pipeline. Remember to clean up when the main gas valve is closed to avoid a series of safety hazards in normal times.


How to flush the gas water heater, you can learn about some of the above cleaning methods during the actual flushing process. In addition, you should pay attention to the internal cleaning, first remove all the shells, and then clean.


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