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How to clean Range Hood

duhui 2021-12-14

About Range Hood :


How to clean Range Hood?


1. Remember to unplug the power before disassembling the machine. After unplugging the power supply, the disassembly process is officially entered. First, remove the drip cup at the bottom of the Range Hood. The oil-collecting cup adopts two ways of buckle and thread, which is more convenient to disassemble.

Range Hood

3. Unscrew the funnel filter screw with a screwdriver, and then remove it.


4. After removing the filter, the next step is to remove the coarse filter inside. Also use a screwdriver to unscrew the triangular screw, and then remove the coarse filter.


The next thing to disassemble is the internal fan. Because the fan is completely embedded in it, disassembly is not very convenient. The middle of the fan is fastened with a large nut, which needs to be removed with a wrench or an outer hexagon.


After disassembling the fan, there is only one drive shell left in the entire Range Hood. Filters and fans are the core components of Range Hood. After removing the filter and fan, you can use Range Hood special cleaning fluid to clean the filter. After cleaning, follow the steps opposite to disassembly to install.


Regarding the maintenance of the Range Hood air inlet hood:


1. You can first cover the stove with newspaper, turn on the Range Hood switch, spray a neutral detergent on the Range Hood fan, then let it stand for 3 minutes, and then spray warm water into the Range Hood fan to let the dissolved oil flow into the oil storage tank , And then clean the oil storage tank. Cleaning the fan once a week is sufficient.


2. Boil the water in the pressure cooker, remove the pressure limiting valve when the steam is continuously discharged, open the Range Hood, and aim the steam water column at the rotating fan blade. Due to the continuous influx of high-temperature water vapor into fan blades and other components, oily sewage will flow into the waste oil cup along the way.


3. Traditional detergent and vinegar soaking method. Take out the part of the Range Hood that needs to be cleaned, put it in a basin of warm water, add 3~5 drops of detergent and 50ml of vinegar, soak for 10~20 minutes, and then scrub with a clean cloth.


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