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How to choose a good quality Range Hood

duhui 2021-12-14

About Range Hood :


How to choose a good quality Range Hood?


1. Classification


The Range Hood currently on the market is mainly divided into three types: near-drawing type, European style and Chinese style.

Range Hood

Chinese: One of the biggest differences between the Chinese Range Hood and the European-style, near-extracted Range Hood is its relatively deep smoke collection cavity. When the oil fume rises upwards, it will temporarily gather in this smoke collecting cavity and then be sucked away. This function is more suitable for the cooking habit of Chinese households with more oily smoke. The main disadvantage of the Chinese-style machine is that the appearance is too bulky and not beautiful enough. However, the Chinese-style machine can be hidden in the cabinet, which basically solves the aesthetic problem.


European style: European style Range Hood can basically be divided into two types, one is an inverted T shape, one is an arc shape, and the other is a tower shape. This Range Hood is probably installed above the cooktop. The European style machine looks stylish, but the obvious disadvantage is that it blocks the line of sight when cooking, is easy to touch the head, difficult to clean, and inconvenient.


Near-inhalation: Generally, the fume starts to spread when it rises to the top. The near-suction Range Hood is installed far from the stove. When oily smoke is generated in the pot, it starts to be absorbed, so the smoke removal effect is better. .From the perspective of comprehensive smoking ability, aesthetics, convenience, etc., the near suction Range Hood is more like a third-generation machine, the European-style machine is the second-generation machine, and the Chinese machine is the first-generation machine.


2. Shell material


The Range Hood shells currently on the market are mainly made of two kinds of materials, one is stainless steel (note that some manufacturers use ferroalloy, and the surface is painted or the like) is called the paint baking process. It is real materials, so pay special attention when buying. ), a Range Hood is tempered glass or a composite of two materials. Easy to clean: tempered glass>stainless steel; durability: basically the same. However, stainless steel also has a thickness, of course, the thicker the better. Basically, it can be confirmed by touching and pressing with your hands. If your kitchen is small, it is recommended that you choose toughened glass with better transparency, because it will not take up too much space visually.


3. Smoke collecting cavity


The function of Range Hood is mainly to form a certain negative pressure near the smoke outlet to form a smoke collection effect. Generally speaking, the Chinese-style machine has the largest smoke-collecting cavity, the European-style machine's Range Hood is slightly shallower, the near suction type Range Hood, the middle plate type Range Hood, and the near suction type Range Hood adopt a negative pressure net or ring smoking method to achieve the smoke collection effect. , Due to its low installation height, which is closest to the oil fume, when the oil fume is generated, the oil fume begins to be adsorbed. Therefore, compared with the Chinese Range Hood, the smoking effect will be slightly better than the European style machine. Near-sucking Range Hood has the best smoking effect due to its more advanced installation method and structure.


Where to buy Range Hood


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