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Gas stove repair and maintenance skills

duhui 2022-07-21

Gas stove repair and maintenance skills


For the life of an item, daily cleaning and maintenance is very important, and this is the case with the gas stove in the kitchen. If there is not enough maintenance awareness, there will be many failures caused by improper operation. Today we have collected some information to talk about some very practical knowledge of gas stove maintenance. In addition, there are many maintenance tips for gas stoves, I hope to help everyone.

The working principle of flameout protection


The working principle of the flameout protection of the gas stove is: the thermocouple receives the heat and transmits the heat to the magnetic valve through the wire, and the heat energy received by the magnetic valve is converted into a small amount of electric energy to absorb the valve of the magnetic valve, so that the gas is transmitted to the stove through the magnetic valve, Because he had no heat when the ignition was first started, the design was to use a switch to force the magnetic valve to open through a small mechanism when the ignition was started.


Reasons and solutions for the automatic flameout of the gas stove


1. The battery is dead or the contact is bad


You can unbutton the battery and reinstall it again to ensure that all contact surfaces of the battery are clean, and then fire again to see the situation. If it still shuts down, you can replace the battery and try again.


2. Thermal probe problem


Look at the burner on the bad side, and see if the flame in the middle can burn the probe, and the fire must be burnt to the probe. When there is still a little bit, you can press and hold for ten seconds, and when you release the switch, the probe is a heat sensor, and it needs to be hot to stop the fire.


3. The temperature of the thermocouple is not enough


After the fire is on, don't let go through the small mechanism on the switch to hold the valve of the magnetic valve, and let go when the thermocouple reaches a certain temperature, usually more than 30 seconds to one minute.


4. The electric thermocouple cannot eat the flame


It may be that the electric thermocouple cannot eat the flame. It is necessary to adjust the damper under the gas stove to make the fire a little bigger, so that the electric thermocouple can eat the flame and receive heat and then transmit the heat. Break, pay attention to even force not to break the thermocouple, and also pay attention to cleaning the thermocouple so that it can better transmit heat.


5. The feedback loop of the gas stove is not smooth


To ensure the continuous combustion, it is necessary to ensure that the feedback circuit is unobstructed. The feedback parts of the gas stove are mostly set in the place where the flame can burn directly. When the flame is normal, the feedback loop will provide the pulser with a signal of continuous gas supply. Otherwise, the pulser will Close the solenoid valve.


Gas stove maintenance skills


1. Regular cleaning of gas stoves


The oil stains produced by the gas stove after a period of use not only affects the hygiene but also easily causes the gas stove to be blocked. Therefore, the gas stove needs to be cleaned regularly.


2. Cooker maintenance and inspection


Find a professional to repair and regularly check the air tightness of the stove and the gas supply system with a foaming agent.


3. Clean the stove


Cleaning of cooktop tiles. Use discarded candle heads, the surface of the candle is smooth, even if there is oil stains on it, just wipe it with ordinary detergent and water, and gently apply the seam of each tile, first along the seam Paint in the direction, and then paint it horizontally after it is full, making sure that the thickness of the candle is the same as the thickness of the tile.


Deep cleaning method for stovetop


(1) Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with 200 ml of warm water, and then use a sponge and an environmentally friendly loofah to dip this "hot vinegar water" to clean the stainless steel stove to make it as bright as new.


(2) Mix 500ml of hot water with 30g of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), you can also dip it with loofah to easily remove the oil stain on the stove.


(3) Press 50 grams of baking soda directly into a fine powder, sprinkle it on the stove, and then wipe it with a cloth. You can also use coarse salt grains to clean, use a rag to dip the coarse salt for pickles, you can easily "rub" the oil stains on the stainless steel stove and glass stove, remember to wipe the salt clean, otherwise the stainless steel stove The table will turn black.


(4) Directly use the inner surface of the potato skin to wipe the place on the stove that is stained with oil and the discoloration of the vegetable soup, and then wash it with hot water again, you will see a particularly bright stove. In addition, use the head and tail of radish and chopped cucumber dipped in a little detergent to scrub the oily area of ??the stove, and then scrub twice with a rag dipped in water, the effect is also very good.


Clean the fire rack and air outlet


Cleaning of gas stoves and vents. Fill a pot of water first, put all the fire racks on the stove in to cook, and when the water is hot, the sticky dirt will decompose and peel off. To prevent the vent hole of the stove from being blocked, the stove head should be removed every week and the vent hole should be cleaned with a toothpick once a week. Carbide and coke debris accumulated on the stove can be removed with a small fine brush, or the fire outlet can be pierced with a thin iron wire.


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