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Distinguish whether the gas stove manufacturer is regular2

duhui 2021-09-09

  Gas stove is a well-known kitchen electrical product, almost everyone knows and understands! But to distinguish the quality of gas stoves, distinguish the technical strength of the manufacturers of gas stoves, distinguish the gas stoves, whether the qualifications of the gas stove manufacturers are legal and whether they meet the national standards, professional knowledge and experience of professionals are needed. To discern. The editor of Kexin tells you that if you learn the following points, even if you are not a professional, you can quickly learn to distinguish whether the gas stove product quality meets the standard, whether the gas stove is up to standard, and whether the stove manufacturer is regular.

  Method 1: Check the business license information of gas stoves and stove manufacturers

  Any factory that produces and processes stoves needs to register and register with the local Administration for Industry and Commerce, and apply for a business license to be a legal producer and operator. Consumers can use the "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System" website to enter the name on the gas stove and stove manufacturer's business license for inquiries. If there are illegal punishment information and bad information, stove companies can inquire through the reward and punishment information uploaded by the management department.

  Method 2: Check whether the three items of cooking appliances are complete

  Gas stoves must be marked with the manufacturer's name (gas stove, the name on the stove manufacturer's business license), production address, and manufacturer's contact phone information on the packaging or stove products, all of which are indispensable. These three items are generally checked in the outer packing box, the back cover of the manual, and the label of the gas stove body. These three items are the basic content for verifying whether the product meets the relevant national standards and verifying whether the manufacturer has legal qualifications. If the stove products sold and circulating on the market do not have this information, 100% of the products can be directly determined as unqualified.

  Method 3: Check online whether the product has passed the national 3C certification

  Previously, factories that produced and processed gas stoves (stoves) had to apply for a production license from the management department. Only factories with production licenses can produce and process gas stoves. In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of the "Announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision on the Implementation Requirements for Explosion-Proof Electrical Products Transfer from Production Licenses to Compulsory Product Certification Management" The official production license of the product will be transferred to the management of compulsory product certification (ie 3C certification), which will be officially effective and implemented from October 1, 2020. Therefore, the stove production license has been cancelled. Now stove products are all based on the 3C certificate as the judging standard. Only the products that have passed the 3C test and record can be sold in the domestic market. Therefore, whether the stove products and their manufacturers are formal and whether the products are qualified, you can directly log in to the "State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration" information public service platform and enter the name of the stove manufacturer or 3C certificate number to inquire.

  Method 4: Check online whether the trademark and brand information of gas stove manufacturers are legal

  The names of production enterprises in my country are under regional management, and enterprise names with the same industry and the same name can exist outside the area of ??different regional units. For example: "Foshan Kexin Electric Co., Ltd." and "Guangdong Kexin Electric Co., Ltd.", although the latter are both "Kexin Electric Co., Ltd.", the former belongs to the Foshan city and the latter belongs to the Guangdong province. Management; the two are independent and different business entities. At this time! Trademarks and brands need to be used to distinguish the products of these companies to avoid consumer misunderstandings. Trademarks are also understood by consumers as brand names, that is, names or graphics registered through the National Trademark Administration. Trademarks have attributes that indicate the origin of the company’s goods or services and distinguish them from other companies’ goods or services. Differentiate and identify products or companies! Only legally registered trademarks can be circulated in the market. We can inquire about trademark brand information and company registration information through "Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office-China Trademark Website".

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