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Correct use of range hoods

duhui 2022-07-21

Correct use of range hoods


You should know about range hoods. Range hood, also known as range hood, is a commonly used kitchen electrical product. Its main function is to purify kitchen fumes, so that the kitchen can be kept clean to a certain extent. The range hood is generally installed directly above the kitchen stove, so that the oil fume absorption rate will be better. How much do you know about the use of range hoods? It is very important to learn to operate the range hood correctly, because this can improve the efficiency of our use of the range hood, so as to maximize its function. How to use the range hood? How many people know how to use it correctly? Let's take a look at it today.

Installation steps of the range hood


1. Determine the installation position of the range hood


The distance between the bottom of the range hood and the stove should be close enough, between 35-45cm; according to the size of the specific range hood product, find the installation position of the pinch plate on the back, and draw the line with a pencil.


2. Drill holes to install the hanging plate


After determining the installation position of the hanging plate, use an impact drill to drill a hole with a depth of 5-6 cm at the installation position, press the expansion pipe into the hole, and then use the screw to securely fix the hanging plate.


3. Hook the range hood to the hanging plate


The style on the back of the range hood can be embedded with the hanging plate, so as to hang the range hood.


4. Install the exhaust pipe


Insert one end of the exhaust pipe into the notch between the inner and outer rings of the air outlet of the check valve, and fasten it with screws. The other end directly extends into the outdoor through the reserved hole. If the exhaust pipe is connected to the public flue, it must be connected with the anti-smoke check valve of the public flue and sealed well. If the smoke is exhausted outside the wall, it is recommended to install shutters outside the exhaust pipe to avoid refilling.


5. Install the extension cover


This is only for products that need to install an extension cover. As mentioned earlier, if you need to install the extension cover, you must first install the hanging plate. Then, after installing the range hood and exhaust pipe, fasten the extension cover.


6. Install oil cups and other accessories


Next, only the oil cups, masks and other accessories for installing the range hood are left. After the accessories are installed, the range hood is basically installed.


Don't turn off the cooker hood immediately after cooking


Many people are used to turning off the lampblack switch after cooking, which is actually wrong, because there will actually be some lampblack residue after cooking.


If we turn off the lampblack machine immediately after cooking, then the lampblack may stay in the kitchen, which is quite harmful to our body.


Therefore, after cooking the vegetables, it is best to let the range hood run for another three to five minutes to ensure that the range hood in the room is completely removed before turning off the range hood.


Range hoods should be cleaned regularly


In fact, there are not only grease stains in the oil cup, but other parts of the range hood are also full of grease. These grease stains will affect the operation of the parts, resulting in poor smoke extraction effect of the range hood.


If the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood is not good, the fumes will stay in the room and endanger our health, so the range hood at home must be cleaned regularly.


Where to buy Range Hood


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